We are a retail store and aquaculture facility and grow and raise many of the fish and coral we sell. We pride ourselves on the quality and vitality of our livestock. They are healthy and vibrant and ready for your tank. Our state of the art quarantine facility guarantees you will get only the healthiest livestock. Our fish will be acclimated to tank life and will readily accept commercial food. We offer many delicate fish species that are hard to acclimate to aquarium life. You will no longer have to worry if the fish you buy will survive once you take them home. We have done all the hard work for you. Its your turn to order livestock that are hardy, healthy and viable. Many of our videos will show you the exact fish you will receive and will show you them feeding on prepared foods. And of course everything we sell has been certified disease free.

If there is a species that you would like, call us or drop us an email and we will acquire it and acclimate it for you. We specialize in bonding clownfish and adapting them so they host in anemones. If there are two clownfish that you would like and would like us to bond them and host them in an anemone let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Our Team

Dr Jaime Patel

Hi there! My name is Jaime and I am the founder of Tank Bred Aquatics. Thank you for visiting our web site. I am a salt water addict who has had a reef tank since the age of eighteen. I grew up in London , England where keeping reef tanks was largely unheard of at that time. As a teenager I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and finished college with a degree in Biology , followed by medical school. I have a medical doctorate in medicine and although I treat patients , my first love is reefing and my clownfish. I have owned 2 saltwater stores, one in Atlanta and one here in Florida. As a local fish store owner I was always upset at how many wild caught fish did not survive in our customers tanks through the stress of being taken from their natural homes and the diseases brought in with them. I started to breed clownfish as a way to self sustain and help our reefs and as a result created Tank Bred Aquatics. Check out our blog and follow along with us as we continue our journey.

Michael Schongar

Hello! My name is Michael Schongar and I work at Tank Bred Aquatics. I graduated with a degree in Marine Biology at University of New England accompanied with real life experience in aquarium sciences and aquaculture. I studied under Dr. Jeri Fox breeding clownfish in her fish lab on campus. My sophomore year, an excellent team of students and I became the first group to successfully breed and raise clownfish in our schools history. My junior year I was accepted to do an internship at New England Aquarium Services in Saco, Maine where I successfully bred and raised cuttlefish. Also, during this internship, I gained most of my basic knowledge and real life experience with taking care of fish and coral tanks. The summer of my senior year I received a job on campus to take care of the infamous 400 gallon coral reef research tank. Soon after graduating school, I received a job working for the Rain Forest Café in Burlington, Massachusetts as a professional diver and care taker of their 6,000 gallon system with over 300+ fish. This is where I acquired much of my knowledge of advanced water chemistry and fish disease diagnosis and treatment. I compiled over 250 hours of dive time during this work period. In November 2012 I moved down to Destin, FL where I now help run and maintain our company’s clownfish breeding operation. Our goal is to create the healthiest and most unique clownfish in the aquarium trade. Jamie, Ashley and I are excited to bring high quality tank raised fish to you!

Ashley Drake

Hello my name is Ashley Drake and I am an employee at Tankbred Aquatics. I wanted to be a marine biologist at the age of four. Growing up on the coast of Maine, I fell in love with the ocean and all the creatures that inhabit it. I graduated from the University of New England with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and a minor in Mathematics. After moving down to Destin, Florida, I began as an intern with Tankbred Aquatics, where I created a new data collection and organization method. I now assist with fish husbandry , observe fish and breeding patterns and hatch out baby clownfish. My favorite part of my job is getting to know all of our fishes’ unique personalities. For example, Bertha (a huge maroon) loves to eat several pellets whole, by opening her mouth at the surface. Jack (a feisty Black and White) loves to jump out of the water, like Free Willy, into your hand! When I don’t have my hands in fish tanks, I love to read and am really passionate about learning new things. In the future, I would like to start breeding our new seahorse pairs and to name all of the fish in our lab!