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We have babies!

So after a long overdue hard working last couple of months we have clownfish babies!! We are ramping up production of multiple lines of clownfish, including black ices, picassos , snowflakes, platinums and now even wyoming whites.

Heres a video of our gladiator clownfish

Heres A video of our wyoming white clownfish

Heres a picture of our fancy ocellaris


Heres our Onyx Picasso Clownfish

How it all started

IMG_1355Hey guys! My name is Jaime and Ive been reefing ever since i was in high school. I started off with a used 30 gallon tank, that an employee at my local lfs was selling. It had a flourescent lamp hood cover, and came with a metal stand.I picked it up for $50 which i thought was a steal. Soon I had a hang on the back bio wheel filter which was all the rage back then. I can remember forking out $70 (in 1996) for it. Quite a large chunk of change for someone who worked at blockbuster video part time. My first fish of course were a pair of false percs. After a year, my pair started to lay. I didn’t / couldn’t raise them then. I was a junior in college and not much was known about raising them, the internet hadn’t really come to life, and google certainly wasn’t around to help me out. I really hadnt paid it much thought, just getting fish to live was a challenge then.

Fast forwarding past college and to the last few years of my life, was when things started to change. I had a large 300 gallon reef tank that was wall to wall with coral. I had 2 pairs of clowns that readily laid. An c-quest onyx pair and a true percula pair. My first few successful batches were with these guys but gave me very low yields.I really didn’t have the time or knowledge on how to successfully breed and raise them. I had to move again soon after and my fish breeding days were on hold until i finally settled in florida a few years ago.

I started out with 4 pairs of clownfish, which readily bred for me, unfortunately my addiction grew and soon i started to acquire dozens of broodstock pairs. I soon ran out of room in my condo (and 2 floods and a small fire later) moved all my pairs into a warehouse. And thats where this story picks up from.

I moved all my pairs to my current location a few months ago. The pairs due to the move stopped laying for a while, then hurricane Isaac decided come knocking on the panhandle in august last year really making it a challenge for the hatchery to get off the ground. But now im happy to report everything finally seems to be in check.

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